NFL Pick 'em Contest

Week 16 NFL Staff Picks

Each week our staff members make their predictions for each game. Take a look and then watch the games to see who predicted the most correctly. Leaders are based on the number of wins, not winning percentage.

Game David
Chargers at Raiders N/A
Redskins at Eagles N/A
Giants at Vikings N/A
Panthers at Falcons N/A
Bears at Buccaneers N/A
Cowboys at Bills N/A
49ers at Lions N/A
Jaguars at Saints N/A
Colts at Dolphins N/A
Browns at Chiefs N/A
Texans at Titans N/A
Patriots at Jets N/A
Rams at Seahawks N/A
Packers at Cardinals N/A
Steelers at Ravens N/A
Bengals at Broncos N/A
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Past Staff Winners

2014 Season Winner: David Bonilla
2013 Season Winner: David Bonilla
2012 Season Winner: Diego Del Barco
2011 Season Winner: David Bonilla
2010 Season Winner: James Darnell
2009 Season Winner: David Bonilla
2008 Season Winner: James Darnell
2007 Season Winner: David Bonilla / Matt Faust
2006 Season Winner: Matt Faust
2005 Season Winner: Sydney Mayhew
2004 Season Winner: Matt Faust
2003 Season Winner: David Bonilla
2002 Season Winner: Ben Squire
2001 Season Winner: Sydney Mayhew
2000 Season Winner: Sydney Mayhew